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There are those of us who would agree that certain articles should climb the Newsvine, but they don't because there are so many favorable articles and so few of us who agree with those articles to comment on them and vote them up the newsvine. However, even if there were many unfavorable articles, those opposed to us outnumber us, so those articles almost always climb the Newsvine. The purpose of this group is to balance the scales so that at least a few of the articles that we believe people sh

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Articles that are posted to this group are nominated for the daily vote. In order for a vote to be valid, 10 members must have voted. A vote commits you to abide by the results. Top 3 articles are selected. Voters are to comment on those articles and vote for all favorable comments posted on that page. Selected articles should also be clipped to all relevant groups to which they have not yet been clipped. Those posted here within the previous 72 hour period are on the ballot for the daily vote, giving each seed or article 3 chances to be selected for climbing the Newsvine. 1 hour voting window. When 10 members have joined, we'll determine a time of day to vote. 3 votes per voter.

Proposals and Ideas are Accepted.
Most decisions are to be made through a majority vote.
Feel free to recommend new members to this group.

Hopefully we'll have enough people as part of this group soon enough so that there can be a vote every day. I don't expect even myself to commit every day to voting. We may have to start with once a week.